Did you know that today's house cats are experiencing a rise in the same diseases that humans are susceptible to?

It's true.  In my practice, I see more instances of obesity, cancer, arthritis, diabetes, kidney disease, and thyroid disease than at any time in my over 25 years as a vet. 

Two very important factors are diet and exercise (play) for your kitty.  Many cats today don't have to chase down a mouse to get fed.  Instead, their food bowls runneth over, creating ideal conditions for overeating.  These are the same conditions that often contribute to human health decline.

Angel Cats' approach to keeping your cat well starts with the idea that a little prevention and a caring,  involved owner goes a  long way to create a happy, healthy cat.

We're dedicated to providing you and your pet with high-quality client service and veterinary care right in the comfort of your own home.

Making sure that your pet is free of disease is an important component in its longevity. Regular checkups are important to make certain that any problems are detected early. Your cat will receive the finest services it needs, including "wellness checkups" or surgery, if necessary.

How We Help With Your Cat's Wellness

We do all we can to improve the quality of life and build the bond between you and your cat.   We provide an annual physical exam that includes an assessment of:

  • Eyes/ears/throat
  • Teeth and Gums
  • Skin and coat
  • Heart and lungs
  • Digestive
  • Genitourinary
  • Weight and muscle mass
  • Older cats get a routine blood analysis

These factors have proven over time to be important indicators of cat health.

We also discuss dietary, lifestyle, and behavior issues, and give vaccinations.  This is often when we provide other useful information involving cat to cat interactions and weight management.

If there is an injury or serious illness, we handle that too.  Our relationship with the Cat Hospital of Sarasota allows us to either perform procedures like surgery or dental work at their facility or refer it to the other experienced veterinarians there.

We are dedicated to maintaining your cat's best health. We are proud of our commitment to cats and cat owners, and we are confident that in just one visit, you will see why Angel Cats is a service that earns your confidence as your cat's veterinary services.  

We are proud to provide the convenience of a mobile veterinary practice to our clients and their pets.

Contact our office at 941 342 8600 to discover personalized veterinary care for your cat, designed to make your life easier, while offering high-quality services and counseling.