For Medical Emergencies:


To schedule same-day house calls, call (941) 342-8600 (Availability dependent - no calls on Thursday)

If Dr. Zenor is unavailable, please call the Cat Hospital of Sarasota: (941) 921 4040

For after-hours and weekend emergencies, call: The Animal ER  (941) 355 2284 (for N Sarasota) or  Suncoast Veterinary Emergency: (941) 929 1818. (These facilities have a veterinarian and staff on duty nights and weekends to provide full-service emergency attention for your cat)

For emergency transport, call VetCare Express: (941) 492-5131.

Cat Sitters:

I purr-sonally know and recommended these cat sitters for loving care while you're away...

Deb Harrington (941) 928 MEOW (

Ginger Aldridge:  (941) 587-4060

Carol Bass (941) 879 2072

Jennifer Pell:  941 224-3664 (


Deb Harrington  941-928-6369

Carol Bass  941-879-2072

Marianna Basile  941-301-7127

Cat Adoption

The Cat Depot and the Humane Society of Sarasota County always have cats needing homes.


Cat Depot
Humane Society