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I'm Dr. Sherry Zenor, a Sarasota cat veterinarian, and for over 20 years, we've provided thousands of clients and their special kitties with in-home feline veterinary care.


I've learned that cats are most comfortable being treated when they're in their own home.  And because my team and I have seen a thing or two about cat medical conditions, wellness, behavior, and lifestyles, we bring that experience to all of our clients, along with the respect, love, fun, and joy that comes with living with a cat.

We designed this site to be a resource for new and existing clients.  Just click on any of the topic or menu areas, and you'll find handy information about your cat's wellness and behavior - and how we might help.  We'll be updating it with new information on a regular basis.

Let us know what you think, and feel free to add your comments.

What We Do:

Veterinary Services

Veterinary Services

Our Specialty

It can be so much more convenient and less stressful to have trusted, experienced, cat-only veterinary care in your home.  Wondering what kind of service you can get for your cat in a home visit?

Why A Cat Vet?

Why A Cat Vet?

Cats are not like dogs at all.  When it comes time to go for a car ride, most dogs will happily be all in, even if you're going to the vet.  Too often this isn't the case for our feline friends. 



We've put together a list of sources of help for your cat's needs.   Pet Sitters, adoption agencies, and medical emergency contacts are included.

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