Why A Cat Vet?

As cat owners, we are well aware that “cats are not small dogs”, yet many veterinarians treat them as such. 


One reason is the increasing complexity of modern veterinary medicine;  it's difficult to keep abreast of the latest advances, drugs, tests, medications for one species, let alone more. The other reason is to some vets cats are not as important to them personally as dogs.


I love cats! They are my passion.  I believe dedicating myself strictly to feline medicine for the last 16 years allows me to treat cats more effectively.  I have also studied feline behavior and have chosen a housecall modality which allows a more accurate assessment of most cats.


If you want a broken bone mended, you go to an orthopedist… they have the experience and education for that particular problem.  If you want excellence of care for your cat you seek out a feline practitioner.