In-Home Veterinary Care

Purr-sonal In-Home Cat Only Veterinary Care


You can trust the "Cat Vet of Sarasota" with the medical care of your valued companion!

At Angel Cats, we understand that the trip to the veterinarian often causes anxious cats when they arrive in an environment packed full of strange cats - and dogs. In fact, you may find them to have a sixth sense that makes them unfindable when there's a vet visit involved.

And that along with the convenience for our clients is why I started a house-call veterinary practice exclusively for cats!

With decades of experience, I know how to approach a scared cat in the home.  I bring what we will need to serve your cat safely and professionally, and my techs are trained to help me calmly treat your kitty. 

Over the years cats have made their way into our hearts and homes - they are members of the family and when you use us, they become members of our family. When you call Angel Cats you will not see a different veterinarian every time - you will see only myself, Dr. Zenor.  We've heard from so many of our clients how much they like the convenience, consistency, and quality of our services.

Experienced In-Home Veterinary Care For Our Cat Families

Whether your pet needs vaccinations, medical treatment, or a behavioral consultation, we're here to help you.

We strongly recommend annual examinations to help detect medical conditions that may have devastating effects on your companion if left untreated.

We're passionate about providing quality medicine and compassionate care for your cats.  It is our privilege to provide you with prompt, courteous service to assess and treat your kitty’s needs.

Our general in-home veterinary services include:

  • Thorough physical examinations and wellness care
  • Vaccinations, annual exams, and Preventative Care
  • Sick cat / urgent medical care
  • Behavior consultation
  • Dietary consultation
  • Senior Life Management
  • Quality of Life Analysis & Hospice Care
  • Compassionate End of Life Care

 We provide referral access to consultation with specialists in:

  • Internal medicine and Oncology
  • Board-certified Surgical Specialists
  • Neurology   
  • Dental procedures
  • Cardiology
  • Ophthalmology
  • Critical and Intensive Care
  • Dentistry

We have the resources, and experience to diagnose and manage even the most complex of medical conditions. Call us today at 941 342 8600.